Vitti Jokinen is a character in 80 Days. He is a Finnish Artificer who features in the North Pole route. Alternately, he can be encountered in Nanortalik. He is one of Passepartout's potential love interests, and the "Love in the Ice" achievement can be unlocked on his romance route.

If Passepartout and Fogg begin the game by heading north instead of east, then they will encounter Vitti in Smeerenburg. The route to the North Pole is revealed when Vitti agrees to take the pair with his Polar Expedition, on which he serves as the Artificer who designed the failsafes on the Ice Walker. Otherwise, if a more conventional route is taken, Vitti can be met for the first time in Nanortalik as the resident meteorologist, and he may remark that in a different time and place he could have become friends (or more) with Passepartout.

Passepartout can develop either a friendship or a romance with Vitti over the course of the North Pole journey, and pursuing the latter can even earn a warning of sorts from Fogg about conducting his particular friendships with gentlemanly behavior. He can begin flirting with him almost from the moment they meet, and the romance is easily continued by choosing to seek out Vitti whenever possible and choosing the romantic options when Vitti invites him for a picnic lunch aboard the observation balloon.

When the Ice Walker breaks down, Vitti is consumed with guilt over having led so many to their potential deaths. If Passepartout chooses to seek him out after arriving in Qausuittuq, he confesses that he is mentally still out on the ice. He will tell Passepartout that he loves him, but will disappear come the next morning.

After Passepartout and Fogg escape Qausuittuq and continue their journey across Canada to Nanortalik, Passepartout will recognize that the sole Artificer manning the meteorological outpost is Vitti. At this point, if they were previously romantically involved, Passepartout can choose to end or rekindle their relationship. If the latter is chosen, Passepartout can then choose to remain behind with Vitti and leave Fogg to continue on to London on his own, thereby unlocking the "Love in the Ice" achievement. Otherwise, if Vitti and Passepartout had a friendship, he will explain his guilt and disappearance, and the two will have a cup of tea and pleasant conversation.

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