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is a location in 80 Days. It is situated in southern Africa.

Ulundi is the capital of the Zulu empire and home to Emperor Cetshwayo. Rumor has it that Cetshwayo is a sorcerer and possesses the ability to control automata with his mind. Upon visiting the Emperor's palace, Passepartout will encounter many different animal-like automata with mysterious powers. Bheka, a bird-like automaton can read minds, for example, and Passepartout would do well to behave earnestly when the automaton fixes its gaze upon him.


North-east from Quelimane by Shaba-meli coppership.


East to Antananarivo aboard Cetshwayo's airship.

South-west to Bhayi aboard Cetshwayo's airship.

West to Bloemfontein by Zulu airship.