The Tokoloho is a submersible ship that can be found in Bhayi.

The Tokoloho is owned an operated by Thabiso and Nthatisi Basia, a wealthy couple who use it for their own purposes. When Passepartout meets them in Bhayi, they have decided to hunt down the mysterious Sea Monster that has been terrorising sailors off the coast of Africa. They take on Passepartout and Fogg as crew, promising to drop then in Saint-Denis.

However, the Tokoloho never arrives in Saint-Denis. En route they are attacked by the Sea Monster, which swallows the ship whole. Only then do they discover that the monster is not a beast, but rather Captain Nemo's Nautilus.

After trouble strikes the Nautilus, the Basias and Passepartout and Fogg are able to reboard the Tokoloho and escape, now adrift somewhere in the Indian Ocean. If Passepartout was able to obtain the navigational logs from Captain Nemo before the sinking of the Nautilus, the Tokoholo will be able to navigate its way to Batavia quickly.

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