• In the highscore list (Game Center, iOS), there's a guy who managed it in 4 days. I wonder: is this a hack, or really an in-game option?

    There are also a lot of people who finish with an amount of like £ 9.466.365.936.474.573.636. Is this a cheat, or some kind of lottery won during the journey?

    Anyone a clue? Thanks! =)

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    • It's clearly a hack.

      Looking through the inkle Twitter account, there's a retweet of a 26-day journey (as opposed to the 27-day they wrote about on Steam), that seems to be the quickest 'legal' one out there. Although that seems to be made before the October expansion and with trade goods shuffled around in all eight seeds when the new content was released, even that might not be achievable anymore.

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    • Alright, thanks! (Now I begin to wonder how people perform hacks to the app. ^^)

      The following places from 2nd downwards on the highscore list are journes within 19 days. To me it seems doable for a really experienced player (but I'm not one yet). ;)

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    • How would it be possible in 19 days? Even the shortest route (over the north pole) isn't doable in this number of days.

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    • the shortest route may be the north pole expedition. However, it is impossible to finish in less than 30 days with this route since it is not the fastest (nor do finishing in 19 days). 

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