IMG 0190
Stone Town
is a location in 80 Days. It is located in Eastern Africa, in the Omani Sultanate of Zanzibar, a colonial pawn of the British Empire. It has formerly been the capital of the Arab slave trade, and the British have tried to counter the practice of slavery as much as they could. Passepartout learns about the famed explorer David Livingstone, who has been sighted in Ujiji. He might also chance upon one of his former travelling companions finding female company, and he can take advantage of the situation, accepting £1000 as a reward for his discretion.


From Khartoum in the North, aboard an Ottoman Geyik Airship.


To Aden to the North-east.

To Ujiji in the North-west.

To Nsenga in the West aboard a Trade Airship.

To Quelimane in the South.

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