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is a location in 80 Days. It is a city in Bulgaria, a region within the Ottoman Empire, with its many baths and Eastern Orthodox Christian churches. Passepartout may invite Fogg for a steam bath in one of the many establishments of its kind in the city. Should they stay the night and use a little subterfuge, Passepartout might obtain a mysterious password 'Gorchakov' from the Russian group of men which he may use when travelling from Odessa to Moscow aboard the freight train.

Arrivals Edit

From Transport Type Duration Price Cases Hearts
Belgrade Viennese Military Transport train Free
Paris Orient Express train

Departures Edit

To Transport Type Duration Price Cases Hearts
Bucharest Trevithick Steam-Carriage car £71 3 9
Istanbul Orient Express train £140 2 0
Thessaloniki Trevithick Steam-Carriage car £32 3 9

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