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The SS Sophochka is a ship route that travels from Istanbul to Novorossiysk.

The Sophochka's Kapitan Brilev runs the passenger ferry with what Passepartout describes as a "tyrannical precision".

In the ship's boiler room, Passepartout will discover the almond-eyed harem girl he met in Istanbul, who has managed to escape disguised as a man using clothes she stole from Passepartout. And he is not the only stoaway; later Passepartout will discover a girl hiding in the cargo hold who reveals herself to be the Sultan's daughter Princess Fehime who has joined the almond-eyed harem girl in her escape.

As such, Passepartout has the decision to alert Kapitan Brilev of the presence stowaways. If he does, Brilev will turn the ship around and return to Istanbul, losing time but allowing Passeapartout to claim a reward from the Sultan. If he keeps the secret, they will continue on to Novorossiysk and arrive in time.

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