Ráijá Juho is a character in 80 Days. She is the Sámi lead research Artificer of the Polar Expedition.

Juho left her people to pursue the study of chemistry with the Artificers' Guild, and she expresses a disregard for valuing culture over scientific progress. However, she still possesses a keen sense of duty towards her people and family.

Juho is initially cool to the idea of Fogg and Passepartout joining the expedition, though Passepartout may earn her friendship. A few days after the destruction of the Ice Walker, Juho simply walks away into the snow, leading Passepartout to believe that she has given up hope for survival and destroyed herself. On the tenth day of the expedition's stranding, Juho returns to rescue the survivors and brings them to the hidden city of Qausuittuq.

Ráijá is actually the daughter of Ivor Juho, the head of the Qausuittuq council, and was tasked with ensuring that the Polar Expedition never reached the North Pole, though she claims that she had nothing to do with the destruction of the Ice Walker. However, both her guilty conscience and her desire for Qausuittuq to move away from its isolationist stance lead to her change of heart and rescue of the survivors. She brings Fogg and Passepartout before the council, where it is decided that they are to be kept forever to preserve the city's secrecy.

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