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is a location in 80 Days. It is one of the British holdings in Asia, in what is modern-day Pakistan. It is a strategic military town, called a 'cantonment', but it is very much backward and little care is put to ameliorate life for the colonised citizens, or the British, for that matter. Fogg and Passepartout become the guests of one Mrs. Whittington, the wife of the local commissioner who is rather disdainful of Fogg for employing a French valet. The travellers may learn about the uprising of the native Indians in Chittagong around the dinner table.

Arrivals Edit

From Transport Type Duration Price Cases Hearts
Herat Hadhayosh palanquin

Departures Edit

To Transport Type Duration Price Cases Hearts
Karachi Bolan Mail train £270 1 7
Lahore Hadhayosh palanquin £140 1 14

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