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Port Royal
is a location in 80 Days. It is situated in the Caribbean Sea, in south-eastern Jamaica.

Once an infamous pirate port, Port Royal has seen enormous reform and is now more dangerous to the pirates than to the average traveller.

If travelling from New Orleans, Passepartout and Fogg will be captured by a desperate gang of pirates and soon become embroiled in a plan to free to pirates' leader Captain Dominique Ledoux from prison before she is hung for her crimes. If the player assists the pirates on their mission, they will be given a Flintlock Pistol and set free. If the player turns the tables on the captors, the pirates will be killed by the soldiers of Port Royal and Passepartout will be given a £2000 reward by the governor.


North-west from New Orleans aboard the (redirected) Western Cope.


East to Port-au-Prince aboard the Hispaniola.

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