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is a location in 80 Days. It is situated in Caribbean Sea and is the capital of Haiti. There are no banks in Port-au-Prince.

Among the many exotic sights of Port-au-Prince are the Zannimotos, living animal/automaton hybrids. Giant Bird-Zannimotos are used for transportation whilst messages are sent via smaller Iguana-Zannimotos. Despite their advanced design, the use of living creatures directly violates the laws of the Artificers Guild. Thus, it is forbidden to sell Zannimotos to foreigners.


South-west from Panama on a Zannimoto.

West from Port Royal aboard the Hispaniola.


North to Washington by Hot-air Balloon.

North-east to Ponta Delgada on a Zannimoto.

South-east to Caracas aboard the Anhinga.

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