Jean Passepartout
Vital statistics
Position Valet
Age Late 20s - Early 30s
Status Alive/Deceased (player determined)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Portly/Well-built
Jean Passepartout is the playable character in 80 Days. He is a French valet in the service of Mr. Phileas Fogg, as he embarks upon his wager to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days or less.

Passepartout's personality and even personal history are malleable based on the player's choices, and there are a number of qualities that his "character" and "manner" can take. His relationship with Fogg and valeting efforts affect dialogue as well as the number of hearts restored through the "Fogg" interaction.

Born in Paris, Passepartout can (if the player chooses so) have been a former acrobat and have served in the Franco-Prussian war in some capacity. He can demonstrate a particular fear of bears, with many opportunities to express it throughout his travels. He is extremely fond of his maman, who can be revealed to possess African ancestry (thus making Passepartout mixed-race yet white-passing), though she instructed him to hide his heritage and live with his father. He may also remark that his father's family made wine.

Passepartout can have both female and male love interests (as well as many more minor flirtations), and express his love for his master (within the journal) during the North Pole quest line. By the end of the game he can have returned to London with Fogg victorious or in defeat, return to London alone, or even abandon his master.

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