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"...the city could almost be Mediterranean, if not for the wind..."
Continent Europe
Market Yes
Bank Yes
Hotel Yes
Arrivals From Minsk, Bucharest
Departures To Istanbul, Moscow

Odessa is a location in 80 Days. Fogg and Passepartout find the city rather chilly, thanks to the weather and the Russian influence on the town that has been felt ever since the Tsar invaded.


Passepartout may approach a group of local drinkers, sharing some vodka at the top of a large staircase. He can ask them about the city and themselves, like why they are all so subdued with alcohol. They respond that this is them at peace, a rare thing in Odessa ever since their city has been overrun. When asked to specify what it has been overrun with they simply respond, "with Jews". At this Fogg makes known his desire to leave, but Passepartout can leave a parting remark about how it was the Tsar who invaded, not the Jews, if he wishes; it will not change their mind. If a different conversation route is taken Passepartout can buy a bottle of Vodka from the group.


Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Trevithick steam-carriage Car/Caravan £ 1 2 16 Cold Weather

Open Road

Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Freight Train train £75 2 4 16 Cold Weather


Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Forlanini Hydrofoil Ship/Boat £190 <1 day 2 10 Cold Weather, Mild Seas, Uncomfortable Conditions
Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Freight Train Train £35 2 days 5 21 Cold Weather, Uncomfortable Conditions

Market Edit

Items that can be bought at the Odessa market include;

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
Set of False Teeth 1
Stopwatch 1
Travel Items
Item Price Seed #
Salve of Arnica 1
Conversation Items
Item Price Seed #
Shortbread Biscuit 1
Item Price Seed #
Russian Train Timetable 1

Timetable and PricelistEdit

Destination Method Arrival I II III IV V VI VII VIII Bags Health



2 Days






? ? ? ?



Cold Weather, Uncomfortable Conditions

Istanbul Ship Same Day



2 -10
Novorossiysk Train 2 Days



2 -21

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