I thought much on his words as I walked through the Ochre City, but came to few conclusions.

Passepartout's journal

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Marrakesh is a location in 80 Days. It is situated in Northern Africa.

Also known as the "Ochre City", Marrakesh is a hive of industrial export and European trade, boasting one of the largest markets in the region. By contrast, up until only a few years ago, Marrakesh was barred to foreigners without express permission of the Sultan.


During the evening, Passepartout may meet a group of Glaoui tribesmen who gift him a Tagelmust and discuss politics with a man named Youssef, or alternately meet a young city-guard named Jamil who is in love with his (male) commander.

Marrakesh is also home to a telegraph office, where Passepartout can send a message to the Sisters of Didacus.


Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Charlotte Airship £ <1 4 9 ?
Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Méduse Airship £ 1 4 25 Rough Skies


Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Horse-Drawn Caleche Car/Caravan £ <1 3 13 Sweltering Heat

Market Edit

The following items can be bought in the Freetown market;

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
Travel Items
Item Price Seed #
Pith Helmet £16 1
Water Bladder £17 1
Pressure Gauge £13 1
Conversation Items
Item Price Seed #
Item Price Seed #