Marina Poltavka (real name: Leena Palkala) is a character in 80 Days. She can be found aboard the Blue Flower travelling from Novorossiysk to Tehran, and is useful in getting to the secret Russian base of Mount Elbrus.

Poltavka is a slavic dancer who is travelling to Tehran to perform in the royal citadel, and when Passepartout meets her she is surrounded by bodyguards. She is world-famous and as such is often mentioned in 'The Times'.

In Minsk, prior to travelling aboard the Blue Flower, Passepartout meets lovelorn man at a tramstop who talks about knowing the dancer in their youth, back when she went by her real name Leena Palkala. If Passepartout learns this, he can mention it to Marina when meeting her, confirming that althought they only spoke for a few minutes the man is clearly still in love with her.

Marina will decide to redirect the Blue Flower (the captain is her friend) to Mount Elbrus in order to take the underground road back to her lost love. As such, Marina provides the only point of entry to Mount Elbrus in the game.

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