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is a location in 80 Days. The European part of the city is walled off by the defences of Fort St. George, which delimits the White Town. The outer bounds of the city is called Black Town, the home of the Indian labourers who serve their British masters.

It is in Madras that Passepartout has a run in with the Sisters of Didacus. If Passepartout has obtained the Didacian cross from the sister in Nova Goa, he may be kidnapped and taken to the order's hideout.

There is also (according to newspapers) a villainous killer known as "The Head Smasher" on the loose.


North-west from Delhi aboard the Hadhayosh.

North-west from Bombay or Bangalore aboard a Madras Mail train.

South from Colombo aboard a Colombonese airship.


North-east to Calcutta via Waltair aboard the Western Flower.

South to Colombo aboard a Colombonese airship.

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