This is a list of the fastest journey times achieved by players and the routes they took.

Dave Edit

Player: Dave

Journey Time: 29 Days


London - Paris - Vienna - Warsaw - Moscow - Karimskaya - Pyongyang - Manila - Acapulco - New Orleans - New York - London

Basically you need to get lucky with the Wine in Paris and the Telescope from the Reina Cristina. Also you need to beat Charlie Sullivan to afford the airship to London from New York, and talk to the man on the Warsaw train to speed up the Trans-Siberian. Takes a few tries to not run out of money, but if you're lucky it will work.

Good Luck

Paul Edit

Player : Paul 

Journey time : 31 Days

Route map :  

London - Paris - Vienna - Warsaw - Moscow - Karimskaya - Pyongyang - Manila - Acapulco - Houston - New Orleans - Washington - Port Delgada - Lisbon

Strategy : buy and sell everything,  hoping you get lucky (bottle of wine did well in Europe). Speed up the trans siberian express. Always bring forward the departures, hope you have the right clothes for comfort and cheapness. Try to leave every town immediately after visiting the market. If you can't afford to get out of Manila immediately you won't make it. Win the boxing match on the train to Washington. You can probably shave a day or two off this by bribing the Washington to port delgada airship to go direct to London,  but you will need £4000 by this point.

KillerFrenchFry Edit

Player: KillerFrenchFry

Journey time: 33 Days

Route Map:

London - Paris - Istanbul - Tehran - Kabul - Agra - Calcutta - Singapore - Manila - Acapulco - New Orleans - Washington - Ponta Delgada - Lisbon - London

You'll need to leave every city as quickly as possible (this can be done at no extra cost on most of the routes taken) and get lucky with trade goods.

James Edit

Player: James

Journey time: 34 days

Seed 2

Route: London,Paris,Vienna,Warsaw,Moscow,Irkutsk,Urga,Yokohama,Honolulu,Acapulco,NewOrleans,NewYork,London

Important points:Get through Europe as quickly as possible, there is no point checking the market stalls. Speed up the trans siberian by speaking to the driver about Rosa. Make sure you get the balalaika by mingling with the soldiers as this will make sure you can afford the journey all the way to New York. Be sneaky and board the train to beijing from irkustk, but disembark at Urga for the garuda to Yokohama. MAKE SURE you discover the experimental craft to honolulu before you get to yokohama by using the wait button whenever possible, as it canoot be discovered by exploring. I had to restart twice because of this. Also, the boat to SanFran is too expensive, and solving the murder mystery will give you free passage to acapulco. Buy the treasure map in acapulco and win the boxing match, you should have enough money to go straight to London from New York on the Henrietta. Give yourself a pat on the back. P.S. Don't be too proud to sleep rough if you're worried about money. If you fail the boxing match, quit the game whilst still in the speech bubble and start again. 

rojocamarada Edit

Player: rojocamarada

Journey Time: 38 days

Seed: 5

London - Paris - Vienna - Warsaw - Moscow - Karimskaya - Pyongyang - Manila - Honolulu - Acapulco - Houston - New Orleans - New York - London

REQUIREMENTS : You just need to get lucky with the wine in Paris and be careful not to get Cholera in Manila, also be good at managing finances. You may need to visit a bank in Acapulco. This journey is quite easy to accomplish.

C2H6 Edit

Player: C2H6

Journey Time: 41 Days

Seed: 5

Route map

London - Cambridge - Kristiana (let Fogg drink with the Artificer you meet) - North Pole/On The Ice (befriend Captain Jokinen, the cook, and the hunters to survive) - North Pole/City (choose the left airship) - Reykjavik - London

Neale Edit

Player: Neale

Journey Time: 42 Days

Seed: 7

Route Map

Day From To Transport Notes
1 London Paris Amphitrite Express
2 Paris Istanbul Orient Express Acquired Harem Silks in Istanbul.
5 Istanbul Tehran Kamer-Taj

Negotiated to leave 1 day early with Englishman's wardrobe.

Befriended Janissery to get through customs.

Bought Handwoven Carpet, Amethyst, Set of False Teeth in Tehran.

9 Tehran Kabul Kamer-Taj

Negotiated to leave 1 day early with Englishman's wardrobe.

Acquired Pashmina Scarf en route.

Sold Handwoven Carpet in Tehran.

12 Kabul Omsk Mail Airship

Unlocked after speaking with Smythe in Kabul.

Protected Laby Sybil from authorities.

Sold Amethyst, Set of False Teeth in Omsk.

14 Omsk Karimskaya Trans-Siberian Express Acquired Artificer's Medallion in Karimskaya.
19 Karimskaya Pyongyang Trans-Manchurian Express Sold Harem Silks in Pyongyang.
22 Pyongyang Yokohama Korean ship Paid to leave 2 days early.
26 Yokohama Honolulu Noelani

Paid to leave 1 day early.

Solved the murder mystery.

Bought Tartan Blanket in Honolulu.

Sold Artificer's Medallion in Honolulu.

33 Honolulu Acapulco Reina Christina

Paid to leave 1 day early.

Acquired Brass Telescope en route.

Stitched French flag to help ship dock in Acapulco.

36 Acapulco New Orleans Jameson's caleche Sold Brass Telescope in New Orleans.
38 New Orleans New York Piedmont Air-Line

Defeated Charlie Sullivan.

Sold Tartan Blanket in New York.

40 New York London Henrietta Arrived on Day 42.

Wilson P H Edit

Player: Wilson P H

Journey Time: 45 Days

Seed: 5

London - Cambridge (Don't ask to fly east) - Kristiana (Let Fogg talk with the Artificer) - North Pole via The Icewalker/On The Ice (Befriend Jokinen, and/or the cook, the hunters, buy the tot of rum, bribe a navigator to look for saboteurs, or get punched in an argument) - North Pole/City (choose the right airship) - Winnipeg - Ivujivik - Reykjavik - London

Benefits: This route required no banks and very little market use, and you should end with 2,000+ pounds left over, even more if you don't buy the tot of rum or bribe the navigator and choose the other options to survive.