Goland is a character in 80 Days. She is one of Passepartout's many potential love-interests, but is the only one who can potentially reunite with him in London at the end of the game, giving the player the "Finding Love in London" achievement.

Passepartout first meets Goland aboard the the library car of the Trans-Siberian Express between Omsk and Irkutsk. She is a beautiful Mongolian princess but, despite her life of privilege, she dreams of being an engineer and is studying mathematics. If their first meeting goes well, that is, as long as Passepartout does not make stereotypical comments about Mongolians, Goland will give Passepartout the Mongol Sulde and invite him to meet again the following night on the observation deck.

If he is still aboard the train the next night, Passepartout meets Goland on the train's observation deck. She shows Passepartout the distant light of a Garuda taking off from Urga, as she explains that the very world is changing as new modes of transportation link distant cities ever closer together, and that she will be a part of this change. Should he desire, Passepartout may lean forward and kiss her when prompted.

Goland dismounts the Trans-Siberian Express in Irkutsk where she meets a strange man at the train station and shrugs off Passepartout. He may pursue her to Urga, where she is guarded inside a palatial tent by guards. Although Passepartout - a commoner - is not permitted to see the princess, he may give the Mongol Sulde to the guard, who will inform him that while Goland does indeed remember him he still cannot enter.

Later, after Passepartout has left, Goland sees the Mongol Sulde and realizes how much he loves her. Unfortunately, she has no idea how to track him down, until she sees his picture in the paper accompanying an article by Quispe (see his page for information on how to facilitate this). She quickly abandons her old life and races to London to meet her love.

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