As the title says, the main goal in 80 Days is to circumnavigate around the Earth within 80 days. However, this game is open ended and you may find that going around the world within 80 days isn't always your own personal goal. You may also want to explore and uncover different possibilities of your journey. Especially how it ends.

List of Endings Edit

Here are different ways for Phileas Fogg and Passepartout to end their journey around the world.

  1. Win the wager, achieve this by arriving in London before 80th day.
    - If they arrive at the 79th day, they will board a carriage in London and Passepartout may choose between 4 options to make them arrive at Reform Club faster. However, regardless of your choice at this point, it doesn't affect the ending.
    - If Passepartout encountered the Black Rose during their journey, and decided to go back to London, Passepartout will notice Black Rose between the celebrating crowds in Reform Club. Passepartout may choose to go back home with his master or into the crowds to join with Black Rose. Also, regardless of the choice, the game will end here normally.
    - If Passepartout romanced Goland and let Quispe took your picture, Goland will be in London meeting Passepartout
  2. Lose the wager, can be triggered by arriving in London after the 80th day.
  3. Around the world in (less than) 40 days
  4. Fogg return without Passepartout, can be achieved through two ways :
    - During expedition to North Pole, Passepartout can romance Vitti Jokinen and meet him again at Nanortalik, If Passepartout choose to stay when the Meteorogical Airship is about to depart, the game will end with Fogg returning alone to London.
    - If you follow Black Rose' instruction, after getting off El Dorado for Dakar, if Passepartout agree to go with the Black Rose, three routes will appear. If the player choose any of these routes, Passepartout will leave his master and the game ends.
  5. Passepartout return without Fogg, if the player followed Michel Ardan's instruction and able to board into the rocket to the Moon, regardless of the player choices in the rocket, he will be launched off the rocket anyway and return to London alone.
  6. Both Passepartout and Fogg die, if Passepartout failed to keep Fogg alive when stranded near the North Pole, he will die soon after Fogg did.

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