Emperor Cetshwayo is the leader of Zulu Federation. An empire controlling the eastern side of South Africa.

Description Edit

Emperor Cetshwayo is a fearsome leader who is well respected among his people and feared by the Europeans, as well as his own personal grudges towards them. When he came into power, he abolishes slave trades and order its Artificers to secretly produce weapons in the form of animal-like automatons in preparations to face the incoming British forces. He has a companion called Bheka, a mind-reading bird shaped automata, which gave rise to rumors saying that he is a sorcerer who can read people's minds and talk to automatons.

Upon meeting Passepartout and Phileas Fogg, he is getting suspicious of them, for coming to Ulundi instead of the European settlement of Bloemfontein, and start questioning their motives, as well as ordering Bhaka to read their minds.

If Passepartout treat him with respect, and answer honestly to his questions, they will earn his trust, and will personally bring them to either Bhayi or Antananarivo.

Trivia Edit

He is based from the real King Cesthwayo, who came into power after his father's death in 1872, and shares the same hatred towards Europeans as in the game. He is however, feared because of his ruthlessness. The war against British, while in the game he was in war with them, the actual war was actually started in 1878, with the Zulus won the first battle in Isandlwana, although with vastly inferior technology and weaponry, striking fear and humiliation towards the British. The war, however, was won by British, after they tried more aggressive take on the Zulus.

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