Charles "Charlie" Sullivan is a character in 80 Days. He can be met aboard the Piedmont Air-Line whilst travelling from New Orleans to Washington.

Originally from Birmingham, Sullivan is an established professional boxer. Fogg, because of his own history with boxer as a young man, takes a keen interest in him and offers to let him fight Passepartout for a wager.

Piedmont Air-Line Boxing Match Edit

If you ever played Sorcery! (another game by Inkle), this match is pretty much like it. Or a (rather unfair) game of rock-paper-scissors.

At each point, the player can choose one of three options; block, jab, or punch. Similarly Charlie will pick one of these moves.

The player must pick the move that works best against Charlie, given that;

1) Block is most effective against Punch

2) Jab is most effective against Block

3) Punch is most effective against Jab (but the physical exertion means the player unable to swing a Punch again for one move)

During the fight, small hints will be given as to Charlie's next move. If Charlie's arms tense up, for example, he is about to block, or if his shoulder's roll back he is most likely about to jab. Additionally, Fogg will call out his predictions from ringside saying "He's winding up for a punch" or "Now's your chance!".

Note that since the opponent is an established professional boxer, while you are a 10-minute apprentice of a boxing school alumni, Sullivan only need fewer punches to take you down. Compared to what you need to take him down.

Upon defeating Charlie, Passepartout will win £2000 (as well as Fogg's respect), while losing it makes you lost £1000.