• Misshallery

    Here's a list of common article types that we host here and all the features they need to be truly 'complete'. It should serve as a good outline for anyone not sure what to put in new articles or how to proofread existing ones.

    Model article: Passepartout 

    • Page quote: add either a snippet of dialogue spoken by the character in question or a little extract of Passepartout's narrative that describes the character on the whole.
    • Character infobox: fill in the key details of the character. Upload a new image of the character if you can locate their converse portait.
    • Overview: a short paragraph about the character. Include their name, aliases and a little bit about them.
    • Background: sums up what the character did in the run up to them appearing in the…

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  • Misshallery

    Hi guys!

    It's come to my attention that multiple articles that should exist (namely locations, transport and characters) don't seem to exist. You may notice this when creating, editing, or viewing articles that mention locations/transport/characters by name but don't provide a link to an article. 

    Ideally, you'd create an article for the location/transport/character in question and create a nice link to your new article in the old one. But sometimes you simply don't have the time or information to do so. In this situation, I'll ask that you create a link to an article that should exist whether it already does or not. This will create a red 'broken' link, yes, but as our wiki expands and more people create more articles, the gap will be fille…

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  • Misshallery

    Hi, there. I originally made this post in the forum, but it didn't seem to get noticed too well, so I thought I'd stick it here as well just to cover all my bases.

    I’ve noticed that all the currents admins have been inactive for 2+ years and the wiki is still incomplete despite its good foundations, so I’ve put up an adoption request for review here:

    I was up thinking some priorities I’d like to bring up concerning wiki cleanup also:

    1. Completing the existing character pages with the new template and layout, demonstrated in Passepartout's model article, and then filling in the remaining significant characters with new articles.

    2. Doing some layout work with the wiki itsel…

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  • Paladinluke

    Help with Money

    November 27, 2015 by Paladinluke

    Hello. I am new to the game and have completed two failed routes. I have found that a problem that plagues me throughout the game is Money. By the time I reach the pacific, no matter if I stop at a bank just before or multiple times, or if I sell all my items, I always end up with my wallet having under a thousand dollars. And because the world is a jerk, I always arive on a Friday or Saturday. And if you go to the places I stop at (Manilla, Yokohama), you will find that a thousand dollars can't get you anywhere.

    So could someone help me with this and find a way for me to get to the pacific with at least 3,000 on person?

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  • Niles Irvine


    Welcome to the '80 Days' wiki! Over the last few months I've slowly been adding the info I've gathered during my games and its great to see some other fans of the game coming to the wiki and adding their info too. In the interest of keeping this wiki as clear and tidy as possible and making it the most useful repository of information for '80 Days' players, I thought I'd explain how I've set up the wiki so far. But full disclosure; I'm still very new to Wikia and don't really know what the hell I'm doing yet, so if you have any ideas for how best to organise things are jazz up the page, let me know!

    Information articles are set up into 4 main categories; Locations, Transportation, Characters and Items. Plus I've also considered having pa…

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