The Artificers' Guild is the international body of scientists and technicians (also called as Artificers) dedicated to developing robotic and automaton technologies. In the world of 80 Days they are an extremely powerful organization and influence the politics of several nations visited by Phileas Fogg and Passepartout, though they are officially pledged to neutrality.

Artificers' Guild is the largest Artificers organization in the world, but not all Artificers were part of Artificers' Guild. There are two main rules of the guild : to remain politically neutral and against making weapons. Which makes Artificers from Austro-Hungarian Empire and Zulu Federation isn't part of the guild. While Scuola (the Italian branch of the guild) although being the part of the guild, is considered illegal due to their activities controlling the Italian government and making weapons for the empire.

Artificers wear a copper lily to signify membership, and the official language of the guild is Turkish. From most Artificers met throughout the journey Passepartout will be able to obtain an Artificer's Medallion which will bestow immediate trust with any other artificer.

The known accessible Artificer Outposts are in Paris, Smeerenburg, Bucharest, Bombay, Karimskaya and Buenos Aires.

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