Aodha is a character in 80 Days. She is the leader of a band of Indian mercenaries.

Description Edit

Fogg and Passepartout encounter her while traveling from Benares to Calcutta aboard the Mechanical Elephant. At first they mistake her for a virgin to be sacrificed by a Kali cult, leading Fogg to decide to rescue her. After the attempted rescue, however, she reveals herself to be fighting the British after the death of her rajah husband and she captures the pair.

While she keeps Passepartout and Fogg prisoner, she is not a cruel captor and allows Passepartout the use of his journal. She displays interest in and flirts with Fogg, and Passepartout can even observe that Fogg is remarkably disheveled and flushed after a nighttime sojourn with Aodha.

Aodha releases the pair and takes them to Calcutta after learning about Fogg's wager and finding it amusing.

Trivia Edit

Aodha also loosely based from Aouda from Jules Verne's original story, which was an Indian princess who later joined Phileas Fogg after he saved her from being sacrificed by Hindu monks at her husband's funeral pyre, who also later married Fogg in London.

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