Here was proof, if needed, that we were in the far corner of the earth, and yet it was a peaceful and prosperous city.

Passepartout's journal

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is a location in 80 Days. It is the capital of Madagascar. It is the native city of the Artificer Queen, Ranavalona II, and an otherwise placid and burgeoning town, thanks to the automata who work in the fields. It is a self-proclaimed 'city of the future'.

Events Edit

Passepartout and Fogg discuss the activities of the Queen, with Fogg claiming to have read a volume concerning her.

Arrivals Edit

From Transport Type Duration Price Cases Hearts
Ulundi Cetshwayo's airship airship 10 4

Departures Edit

To Transport Type Duration Price Cases Hearts
Rangoon Maminirina Balloon 10 1100 10 34
Colombo Artificer's Coppership Airship 990 10 11