The following is the list of achievements that can be earned in the Steam version of 80 Days.

Journey Related Achievements Edit

Completed Trip - Traveled all the way around the world

80 Days - Completed trip in 80 days or less

70 Days - Completed trip in 70 days or less

60 Days - Completed trip in 60 days or less

50 Days - Completed trip in 50 days or less

40 Days - Completed trip in 40 days or less

20 Cities - Visited at least 20 cities in a single trip

30 Cities - Visited at least 30 cities in a single trip

No Banks - Traveled all the way around the world without using a bank

No Hotel - Traveled all the way around the world without using a hotel

As Far As The Moon - Travelled over 239,000 miles in total

Quest Related Achievements Edit

All links in this section will contain spoilers on how to complete these achievements! Edit

The World's Fair - Visited the World's Fair in Paris

Take That Varmint - Knock out Jesse James

Lightweight Champion - Become an American boxing champion

The Ocean Floor - Walk the ocean floor

Saved from the Noose - Save a man from hanging

Aboard the Kahwoka Othunwe - Traveled across the northern wastes aboard the Floating Reservation

Under the Sea - Travel beneath the ocean waves with a certain infamous Captain

Crack the Case - Bring a murderer to justice using your powers of deduction

He is Lost! - Have Monsieur Fogg die

From the Earth to the Moon - Launch for the Moon!

Despair in Vienna - Ruin the life of a man of Vienna

Turn The Tide of War - Aid the Belgrade resistance

Love in the Ice - Reignite love in the frozen North

A Life of Crime - Embark on a life of crime in the company of the world's greatest jewel thief

Flying High - Become intimate with an airship

Love in London - Find true love waiting for you on your return to London

The Artificer's Rescue - Save an Artificer and her device from falling into the wrong hands

The Greatest Treasure - Enter the secret vault of the Artificers

The Summit of Mount Elbrus - Visit the secret observatory of Mount Elbrus

A Career in Journalism - File a news story in the Times

Betray a Soul - Betray a living being to the Didacian nuns

A Night In the Ruins - Spend the night in Machu Picchu

Barrelling Forward! - Go over Niagara Falls!

Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Descend into the heart of the Earth itself